“From our first conversation with Dave Burdette and Smoky Top Construction, we have found a well-informed, capable, competent contractor whose team is simply outstanding. Every interaction was straight forward, honest and reliable. The workmanship of the entire team is exemplary. The craftsmanship, construction, details, electrical, plumbing, flooring, you name it, this team does it thoroughly, accurately and with skill. Our home is beautifully constructed with the utmost care and quality. This mountain home exceeds our highest expectations and dreams. Moreover, Dave and his wonderful crew and team go out of their way to help us in any way. Dave not only builds high quality homes, he builds long lasting and meaningful relationships that we will always cherish.”

Sincerely, Larry & Kathy Kalmar

The following is an email received from Mrs. Kathy Kalmar:

“We have been here two weeks enjoying our beautiful home! I’m in my Writing room looking at the view as I write. The window is letting a nice gentle breeze blow as I write. I finished Mt. Bachelor, having written some of it here! This exceeds my dream! I’m watching a hawk soar, clouds shadowing the mountains, light peeking through the mountain mist as it burns away. We feel so close to God here. We pray for you and the wonderful crew daily. Looks like lumber might be coming down in price if the TV can be believed. We are praying for workers to join you.
You went to bat for us. Had you not battled the insurance (twice) we’d not be sitting here at all. I know now why God took his time. He was leading us to you. We got old enough to withdraw funds we didn’t have and couldn’t get when we were over 70 and a half (We 67 and 68 when the fire happened). Now, look!! Had you not dealt with the Builder’s Risk, we would have had to sell the land or just hold it. With the rising costs, we wouldn’t have been able to afford it. We’re so glad God made you. Much Love to you, Teresa, your family and crew. God Bless Love and Keep you. Not only do you build and engineer houses, you do more. You build relationships to God too. You deepen faith and restore hope. More Thanks to you!

Hugs, Kathy Kalmar

“My family and I have purchased two log homes built by David Burdette. Both of these homes are located in the 100 + home resort community of Black Bear Falls, which was entirely built by Mr. Burdette. The last home was designed and equipped to endure not only the local harsh climate, but year-round vacation lodgers. Based on a consistent five-star rating from our guests, our home has held up extremely well, thanks to the quality construction and Mr. Burdette’s attention to detail. Mr. Burdette genuinely cares about his customers, the people he employees and the vendors he uses. He hand picks his team to ensure they possess the same integrity and work ethic that he exemplifies. I look back on the construction process and working with Mr. Burdette as one of the more enjoyable times in my life. From start to finish; negotiating the price, change orders, final construction, to cleanup and punch list; the entire process was a pleasure. To this day, I call upon Mr. Burdette for maintenance and enhancements. I consider Mr. Burdette to be an honorable man of extreme talent, quality and integrity. He is a family man that is well respected in the city of Gatlinburg and surrounding counties. I am proud to now call him a close and personal friend.”

Sincerely, Plilip D’Antonio